The basic principle of Eurofrost Agias s.a. is that the temperature in the refrigerator chambers where the agricultural products are stored is strictly controlled using automatically remote controlled atmosphere monitoring and temperature adjustment systems (via internet). The storage facilities are used for both the needs of the company and as rental storage compartments for local producers.


    The packaging of fruit is carried out in the company’s own “packing area” facilities. The company is equipped with a fruit sorter with fourteen (14) outlets, sorting the fruit according to their weight and colour.


    The company shows strong export activity as it has cooperated throughout the years with importers from countries like Holland, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Georgia, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. Greek producers and traders remain steady and powerful allies of the company as it always ensures their satisfaction.

    The apple is the company’s main trading product. Every year the quantity of apples both imported and exported prevails as there is availability all through the year. Furthermore, depending on the season the company also trades in fruits like pears, cherries, chestnuts, plums, kiwis, peaches, apricots, nectarines and almonds